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November 13, 2021 3 min read

How Far Can Meditation Take You?

Our work, personal life, relationships, and all the negative events contribute to our daily stress. Being stressed is a natural condition. However, you must find a way to relieve the stress. The best way to do that is through meditation. 

But how far can meditation take you in just 10 or 15 minutes of silence? Does it actually have any influence on our mind and body? Keep on reading to know more.


Psychological Benefits Of Meditation

Meditation and yoga are ancient forms of techniques to relieve stress and physical distress. Doctors and psychiatrists have researched the effects of Mediation. Thus, they have proof that meditation can change your brain. 

Here are some well-known psychological benefits of daily meditation:

Reduce Stress

With meditation, you can face your stress and reduce it significantly. Our body produces cortisol in stressful situations. It can distort our memory, increase blood pressure and cause sleep deprivation. 

According to medical research, meditation can reduce the negative effects of cortisol. Thus, meditation helps maintain stress. 

Building Self-esteem and Self Awareness 

Many negative experiences can lower your self-esteem. To develop your self-esteem, you need to practice mindfulness meditation. For that, you have to focus on your present moment. Keep your concentration on where you are and who you are. Try to leave the past out of your focus. 

Regular meditation will help you stay calm and relaxed. Reducing your anxiety helps you to think rationally. Therefore, you get a deeper understanding of yourself and your abilities. 

Reduce Depression

Regular meditation reduces the chemicals in our minds that cause depression. In fact, it is proven that meditation is more effective than taking medications for depression. 

Meditation and yoga can make you aware of the negative behaviors that influence depression. So, you can avoid them to reduce depression. 

Increase Attention

Many people cannot meditate because of their poor attention spans. However, if you patiently practice meditation, you will gradually increase your attention span.

This practice of focusing on a single moment or activity will later increase focus on your daily activities. That is not only helpful to your personal life but also in your career.

Improve Your Sleep

Do you struggle to fall asleep? Then meditation can improve your sleeping cycle. Nowadays, psychologists advise their patients to meditate before they go to sleep. It reduces their stress and relaxes their mind. 

Meditation helps people sleep faster and stops them from waking up in the night. So, you have a deep sleep and feel energized for the next day.


Physical Benefits Of Meditation

Apart from many psychological benefits, regular meditation has positive effects on your body. It helps you feel less physical pain. Also, it controls your perception of pain. 

Thus, you can regulate how much you feel when you are in pain. So, doctors often recommend people with chronic illnesses like cancer, heart problems, and arthritis to meditate. 

Other physical benefits of regular meditation are: 

  • Reduce Asthma and Breathing problems. 
  • Removes tension and headaches
  • Assists in managing pain and depression of chronic illness. 
  • Reduces the chances of heart disease
  • Controls High blood pressure
  • Decreasing stress and improving the digestive system.

If you have bad posture, the combination of meditation and yoga can improve it. Bad posture is often the effect of low self-esteem. Meditation can develop your self-confidence. In addition, yoga will improve your body posture. 



So, how far can meditation take you? Learning meditation takes time and patience. But once you start meditation, you see the positive changes in your life. With regular practice, you will have the power to control your mind and body. 

Thanks for reading and best of luck to you.